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Water is a vital part of a healthy diet. But have you ever worried about the purity of the water you drink? Many people drink bottled water thinking that it is more safe. But to be more sure of the safety of your water, drink water that you have filtered yourself! Healthy water is part of healthy eating for children!

There are two very popular water filtering systems – Brita and PUR. This article will focus on the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z.

  • It has a slim design which makes it easy to fit on the refrigerator shelf.
  • It holds 18 8-ounce cups.
  • Provides 40 gallons (about 2 months) of clean water per filter.

One feature that your dentist will appreciate is that it does not filter out fluoride which is so beneficial for teeth!

It also removes 99% of microbial cysts and reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, giving you clean, great-tasting water.

Customer reviews are very favorable. People like the slim design and how easily it fits in the refrigerator. One customer even bought two of them so that one is always full. The usage indicator which shows when it’s time to replace the filter. Another feature people love is that water comes out of the pitcher much faster than a faucet mounted filter. If you keep water in the top half, then water is always filtering while you’re drinking water from the bottom half! Some customers complained that the handle had broken loose from the pitcher. Since the design of the pitcher is oblong instead of round, the handle has a lot of weight on it. A simple solution to this problem is to use two hands when holding the pitcher.

Overall, the customer ratings are very good!

Try it – you’ll like it!

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