Dietary Guidelines – “My Plate”

Children need Food Pyramid or MyPlate to be healthy!

For years, we have been taught what we should eat – less salt, sugar, and saturated fats – more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and seafood. The “food pyramid” is very familiar to us all and made the … Continue reading

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What is a whole grain?

Children need whole grains.

We all know the importance of eating grains. But why are “whole grains” so important? Because all parts of the grain kernel are used – especially the most nutritious parts. A grain has three parts – bran, germ, endosperm. Refined … Continue reading

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Vegetables – Why we should eat non-starchy vegetables!


Non-starchy vegetables are very nutritious, and contain a much smaller amount of carbohydrates and calories. In fact, a typical serving has only 5 grams of carbohydrates! This allows us to eat more of them – i.e. 3-5 servings per day. … Continue reading

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Are Fruits Healthy?

Fruits are healthy!

Yes, fruits are an excellent part of a healthy diet. But the question really should be how many carbohydrates are in the fruit you would like to eat. A common guideline is to limit your serving of fruit to 15 … Continue reading

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Healthy eating for childrenWhy is healthy eating for children so important?

As our first child grew, we noticed that her mood changed very easily. She could change from being delightful and outgoing to being withdrawn and ill-mannered within a few minutes. As we analyzed her behavior, we realized that she was highly affected by what she ate…

What foods helped her?… What foods made her worse?… How often was best for her to eat?… What times during the day were best for eating?… How did her diabetes make her more susceptible to improper nutrition problems…

We will discuss topics such as:

the benefits of fruits and vegetables,
why are whole grains important,
how is “My Plate” different from the “Food Pyramid,”
what about dairy and proteins.

There are so many subjects to discuss and we are excited to talk about them! Stay tuned and get ready for an exciting and informative ride!

Our Mission

This website will help create happier children by teaching parents about healthy foods and when to provide those foods during the day. We will include links to trusted research by experts in nutrition and health. Because of the large selection of foods to choose from – both fresh and processed – healthy eating for children is one of the most important topics of our day.

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