Dietary Guidelines – “My Plate”

Children need Food Pyramid or MyPlate to be healthy!For years, we have been taught what we should eat – less salt, sugar, and saturated fats – more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and seafood.

The “food pyramid” is very familiar to us all and made the point that we should eat more fruits and vegetables (which is why they were at the base.) In 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed “MyPlate” which is similar to the “pyramid” but presented in a different way.

As shown in the picture, half of our plate should contain fruits and vegetables, and the other half has part whole grains and part protein foods. Along with the plate is a low-fat or no-fat dairy product. Notice that this healthy diet is not just one food, but a variety of foods. That provides healthy eating for children and keeps it interesting and nutritious!

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  1. ouija board says:

    Complex carbs—found in whole grains & starchy vegetables—can help you stay awake and energized!

    • Christian says:

      As long as you have some muscle mass, eniatg healthily will allow your body to naturally (yet more slowly) burn off excess fat. However, what do you think it is easier to sell people? Pricey “healthy” food that they can just replace with items from the store, or “get ripped quick” exercise machines for $20 a pop? Also (and this is just my opinion) telling people they can still eat most of what they want and they just have to exercise is more appealing than telling them that they have to be very strict about what they eat.References :

      • Rodrigo says:

        Breakfast; Hot tea with lemon juice or milk and 1 tsp sugar (no pulp); Apple juice (8 oz); Gelatin 1 cup; Milk (1%)Lunch Hot tea with lemon or cream (no pulp) and sugar; Grape juice (8 oz); Ice Cream (1 cup); Strained Cream of Potato Soup; Milk (1%)Snack Fruit juice (apple, cranberry or grape, 8 oz); Pudding (1 cup)Dinner Hot tea with lemon or milk and sugar; Apple juice; Strained Cream of Asparagus Soup (8 oz); Sherbet (1 cup); Milk (1%)

      • Tejinder says:

        I do eat a diet that is high in preiton, and I like whey preiton shakes made with fat free milk. My fiance loves the preiton bars, but I have to be honest that I think they are not good for you. They contain a lot of sugars and fats, and are very processed.As far as high fiber bars, they are mostly the same with high sugar contents and processing.Soluble fiber is very good for your heart and cholesterol levels, and insoluble fiber is very good for your digestive tract, but I prefer to get these from eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Especially the vegetables.Anyway, good luck to you! Either way, I think you’ll lose weight, which will be good for your body overall, so just pick the one with less sugar and whichever one tastes the best. If it tastes like poo you won’t stick to your diet!!References :

    • Isabela says:

      @Pulaypure salt isnt good for your healthThe rosaen he cooks like that because asian ppl cares more about what your body needs than what will please you.I am a big time anti salt it gives you lots of health problems

  2. Charlie says:

    Here if you want a good diet that you WILL actually lose wait try taeing just plain old meat, fruits,and vegetables(except ones that are grown under ground considering they are starchy). Wheat is not good for you so try to stay away from bread,try to have at least one glass of milk a day and maybe a yogurt to. Don’t be afriad of protein and meat because they have high fat levels fat is what keeps you full so you don’t eat as much as you usually do. Just make sure you eat until you just reach full don’t get overly full. For beverages try sticking to water and if you cant live without pop make it diet but water is the most important try to drink plenty of it. TRUST ME THIS DIET WILL WORK! Was this answer helpful?

    • Aleena says:

      It depends on what kind of food you are eaintg. If you are eaintg white bread for carbs, then that’s not great. If you are getting your fat from things like advocatos, then that’s good and so on. Your question is unanswerable.

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