Are Dairy Foods Important for Children?

Healthy Eating for Children - Are dairy foods important for children?Dairy foods are essential for a healthy diet. They contain many important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins and high-quality protein.

The picture to the left shows some examples of dairy foods: milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Improved bone density, improved blood pressure, and increased metabolism are all great benefits that come from including dairy foods in our diet.

The best dairy choices are:

  • no-fat or low-fat milk
  • plain non-fat yogurt
  • non-fat light yogurt
  • unflavored soy milk (especially if lactose intolerant)

Sometimes the switch to non-fat dairy can be difficult. It is usually recommended to change from 2% milk to 1% first. Once accustomed to this, then change to no-fat milk.

Healthy eating for children includes dairy foods. And as a bonus, they truly are desirable!

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